Perspective Group has unparalleled access to the leaders of the healthcare industry; these relationships provide us with a valuable window into the trends and issues impacting our industry and its players. Our perspective means we can go beyond the mandate of traditional search, providing insight that informs strategy and operations, and therefore organizational design and executive requirements.



We are, first and foremost, relationship builders. We look to understand and advise our clients on a long-term basis, and on a broad spectrum of human capital initiatives. Our search, assessment, and coaching processes are well-tried, expedited, and applied consistently; whether it be guiding the optimal make-up of pre-IPO board of directors, emerging skills sought in chief commercial officers, or the implication of recruiting CFO’s in hyper-financing environment. Our deep knowledge and relationships give us significant credibility within the community of leaders and candidates we serve.



Despite both the ubiquitous access to candidate profiles and accurate and easily employed executive assessment and cultural acuity tools, traditional search processes remain largely unchanged. As part of our standard methodology, we optimize the search process by leveraging advancements in open-source, data-driven candidate information, and by integrating executive and cultural assessment tools into our standard offering.



Based on rigorous analysis or anecdotal observation, we seek to be of-counsel. Through one-on-one interactions with employees or candidates, we provide career guidance and professional development assistance. This is at the core of what we do — as circumstance, skills, experience, potential, and cultural fit combine to inform an individual’s path forward.