Healthcare is going through a time of unprecedented transition, one that is driven by factors both specific to the healthcare industry and systemic in nature. This “perfect storm” of disruption has created uncertainty for organizations; and as a consequence, new business models are emerging that combine the expertise of partners in various healthcare sectors. In an effort to lower cost, increase efficiency, and build a sustainable competitive advantage, new “connected health” initiatives are forming nearly every day.

For healthcare leaders, the implications are profound.  Executives are being challenged to adapt to an environment that demands greater pace in decision-making, and an ability to manage novel, broader, more complex, and often prescient issues. For leaders and for their advisors, understanding each segment of healthcare and a how a new “connected” healthcare system informs human capital needs will be critical.



Our clients range from venture capital-backed entities to large cap corporations. We are passionate about our work and cognizant of the impact we can have on expediting the development and commercialization of these life-changing therapies. We are intimately aware of the often esoteric workings of these organizations and the individuals who drive this market segment.


We understand well the pressures healthcare reform is putting on medical technology, and so we work to bring leaders to organizations that value innovation, who leverage efficiencies in the supply chain and healthcare IT, and who understand pricing dynamics in both growing and mature markets.


We understand the impact accountable care will have on payer and provider healthcare organizations. The emergence of new business models will require leaders who are well-informed and adroit at altering strategy and operations in the new world of connected health. We have experience working with many of the key organizations and leaders informing changes in healthcare delivery.


From facilitating discovery of new therapies, expediting clinical trials, changing the landscape of patient/physician interaction, fueling consumerism, to leveraging the knowledge captured in big data mining, healthcare IT will continue to grow in significance and size for the foreseeable future. We have the experience and insight to foster this growth through access to and relationships with industry leaders.

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We have deep industry and recruiting expertise within the healthcare industry. We advise on organizational structure and succession planning, as well as the recruitment of board directors, CEOs, and a broad array of corporate and functional leaders.


We help boards and CEOs determine the strategy-driven competencies, experiences and intrinsic personal traits that are most important for the organization and an individual’s success.


Recruiting exceptional people to organizations is an important element of what we do. However, continuing the critical coaching and training of both candidates and employees is core to our value proposition. We combine our exceptional healthcare knowledge together with our professional development expertise to provide a uniquely differentiated offering.


We work closely with boards and/or leadership to analyze and then define and shape a culture that ensures the organization is performing at its optimal level.